Local Agent Knowledge

Specialised childcare agents know the industry and have experience selling centres in the local area

Local Agent Knowledge

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Appointing an industry experienced agent is paramount to achieving the desired outcome in the shortest possible time and achieving a seamless transition of the business from the seller to the buyer.

The childcare industry is a specialised business and can involve complex issues for the Buyer to navigate and have all approvals in place for the settlement to go ahead.

The asset you are selling is valuable and will involve disclosure of confidential information. It is therefore important that your agent protects the value of the goodwill. Having a confidentiality agreement signed and in place, attend all inspections after operating hours and not allowing Buyers to attend the premises or talk to staff during operating hours is required of the agent.

Selecting Childcare Property Sales as Your Agent

Similar to relying upon qualified advice from lawyers and accountants, your agent also needs to have professional and knowledgeable qualities and experience.

Selling a childcare centre can involve a long process and have complex issues. A willing buyer may not be prepared to agree to your price and therefore involve negotiations via the agent so as to alleviate worry and concern. A professional agent will negate these concerns.

Childcare Property Sales provide:

1. Professional Advice

Our team is highly knowledgeable and reputable having accumulated a vast amount of experience and over $400 million in sales.

2. Negotiating Offers

Buyers will invariably make an offer lower than the sale price required by the seller. Childcare Property Sales will enter into negotiations with the buyer and eliminate bargain hunters so as to determine genuine buyers and negotiate an acceptable price.

3. Industry and Associated Services Reference

Over 25 years of industry experience and direct involvement in childcare operations has provided us with a wealth of industry and associated services contacts. A substantial database of contacts with industry players, banks, accountants and childcare owners has been established in this period.

4. Preventing Private Information from Entering the Public Domain

Confidentiality Agreements signed by buyers are required. Limited information is provided at the outset and inspections are controlled and after hours at weekends.

5. Ongoing Client and Agent Relationships

Childcare Property Sales is proud of its relationship with our clients and client satisfaction. Our large amount of repeat business is a testament to our client relationship.

Contact Childcare Property Sales for a confidential discussion.

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