Being in the childcare business calls for being vigilant about the trends in the industry and devising strategies that would help you stay relevant in the market. And like any other business, childcare providers to need to keep finding new ways of expanding their customer base and promoting their centres.

One way to do this is making your childcare business more visible to your target audience and persuading more parents to sign up for your services. That said, you might want to consider chalking out an effective strategy for increasing the number of enrollments to your childcare every year.

Here is a list of a few smart strategies for reaching out to new parents and ensuring that your childcare business keeps growing by the day.

Consider pre enrolling

One of the greatest mistakes that most childcare providers make is not actually letting their target audience know that they are open for enrollment.

Like all other businesses in the world, the childcare business also requires proper pre-planning to ensure successful execution of the said strategy. As such, it is important for you to think ahead and plan well for any spots that might be opening up in the next couple of months.

  • Will there be any babies turning into toddlers and moving out of your childcare?
  • Will there be additional room for new infants in your childcare?

If you think you might be having any new vacancies in the near future, it is a good idea to begin actively advertising for them now!

Doing this will help get the word out to your potential parents and get your vacancies reserved well in advance.

Pre-enrollment is an effective strategy for ensuring that you do not waste your precious time in hunting for new clients and having your income lowered as long as your vacancies do not get filled up by fresh children. A good way to go about it is creating your own pre-enrollment program for early spot reservations.

Customize your services

Another good way of ensuring that more parents come your way is doing a little research about what exactly it is that parents these days are looking for in a childcare provider.

  • Are they looking for longer durations of childcare services?
  • What are the timing slots most parents are looking for?
  • Is there a need for a childcare provider that offers on-call hourly services for a date night?

By doing your research of the childcare services market, you will be able to not only identify the needs and expectations of your varied clientele but also customise your services accordingly.

Customising your services will help you expand your operations and ensure that you are able to cater to a larger and more varied customer base.

Spread the word

You can’t expect to expand your services and boost your childcare enrollment without actually going out there and letting everyone know about your business!

Advertising your childcare services is the key to enhancing your business’s visibility among your potential customers who might, in turn, be looking for a childcare provider to look after their little ones.

Given the expansive size of the audience available on the social media, websites such as Facebook and Instagram are a great place to market your childcare services. Social media is not only an incredible platform for reaching out to a large audience but also a highly cost-efficient channel of monetising your marketing efforts with minimal investment.

Remember, the key to an effective marketing strategy is identifying your niche and advertising your childcare among potential customers who might be interested in your services.

Doing this, will not only help you channel your marketing efforts to an audience that might actively convert as your clients, but also boost your childcare enrollments and maximize returns.

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