How to Hire a Childcare Management Team

Finding the most reliable team makes it easier to cater to the demands of parents

Hiring an Experienced Childcare Management Team

Childcare business, like any other enterprise flourishes on the back of an experienced childcare management team. Surprisingly, not much consideration is given to establishing a hierarchical team complete with managers and helpers. Managers are the face of the centre and an example of the values and virtues of your business. Knowing the seriousness of the hiring an exemplary team makes it easy to achieve success and positive recognition of the business.

Hire the right helping hand with these helpful tips

The first step is addressing the need to hire the right helping hand. The chosen candidates must be aligned with the requirements of the centre. The easiest path to ensure that suitable candidates enter the team is by putting the manager in charge of the recruitment process. Managers are well experienced and at ease when it comes to dealing with people.

A trusted manager evokes respect and loyalty

A powerful army is built by a great general. A manager knows best the quality of the team he/she is willing to work with. At the end of the day, it is the manager who deals with the team first hand. As a business owner, it is impossible to understand the team dynamics unless you are an active participant. It is best to entrust the manager to put together a team of brilliant educators, childcare consultants and other helping hands to run the business. When the team trusts the manager, half the battle is won.

Experience trumps overqualification

A decorated resume is attractive but says nothing about the candidate’s competence of work. Childcare management is a typical people-oriented industry and it is important the candidates hired possess a suitable background. All chosen candidates must adhere to the basic requirements set up the National Quality Framework (NQF). NQF outlines the minimum qualification and educator to child ratio specific for children’s care and education services.

Posting the right job call advertisement

Hiring the right team is easy when the needs of the business are well explained. In general, posting ads in the local newspaper or at online job portals is the best way of connecting with interested candidates. As a hiree, it is important that you outline the features you seek in a candidate. These should include the minimum acceptable qualification, certification and interpersonal skills. Ensure that the job title explains the requirement posted. A great job title includes experience levels, general terms and special requirements if any.

Seek professional help

Professionals who specialize in hiring candidates are helpful in creating a strong team. There are recruiters who identify the topmost candidates from a pool. Finding a top-tier manager is successful only with professional help. These agents complete a background check to establish the authenticity of the candidate profile before moving them to the next round. A word of caution: professional services are expensive given the excellent work quality they offer, hire them only when necessary.

Rely on networking and references

A word of praise from an ex-employee is a better merit of a professional than a printed resume. Networking is the heart of setting up any business. Rely on others in the business to complete a background check on an employee. Since the job description involves working with children the candidate must have a clean record. Look into participating in networking events and conferences which are specific for child care management. Such events are good meeting grounds to interact with potential candidates. Childcare services are a close-knit group, if the person you meet isn’t looking for a job, they will know of someone else who is. Rely on word of mouth to set up a strong child care management team.

Finding the most reliable team makes it easier to cater to the demands of parents.

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