Online Marketing for Childcare Centres

New age work environment demands present-day marketing plan

Four Essential Elements of Online Marketing

New age work environment demands present-day marketing plan. A fuel which nourishes enrollment and drives inquiries for your childcare program is an attractive online marketing plan. No online marketing plan is solid without the four foundation stones.

Four horsemen of online marketing plan

1. Website

The simplicity is in the details. While it is easy to create the most complicated algorithm and accessing maps for a website, making a simple and easy to navigate site is a challenge. A simple site does not frustrate the user. It offers easy navigation, instant communication of the institution’s beliefs, eye-catching, engaging graphics and pictures for children, Social media links for interested parents.

Designing a website in today’s demanding times is easy when you use WordPress based sites. These sites offer two important advantages: they are easily updated and simple to process. Most websites built in the late 90s continue to rely on Flash player for images and graphics. Such images are incompatible with Apple devices and appear as a broken gif. Stay updated if you wish to remain relevant. A good place to start is by browsing the web for sites which appeal to you and drawing inspiration from the same.

2. A business Facebook Page

If your centre lacks social media presence, you are invisible. There are more moms on Facebook than other networking sites. Facebook is the most favourite networking site for mothers and young parents. What’s more, it is fairly simple to create a Facebook page and to establish yourself as the administrator of the page. You can post regular updates such as events, pictures, activities and worksheets. Additionally, the Facebook page can double as a discussion forum for parents to interact with other members or with the authorities, directly. Create a Facebook page by following instructions at Post which, you can rely on numerous, readily available resources to optimize your Facebook page.

For more information see Facebook Pages

3. Google Maps

If you believe that listing the centre’s contact details on the main website is sufficient in directing parents, you couldn’t be more mistaken. Online presence in Google Maps is as important as SEO for the website. When your centre is listed on Google Maps, it offers credibility and legitimacy of the establishment. Also, when parents type keywords such as child care, child centres, or daycare near me, your centre will be listed. First get your centre on Google maps and then consider establishing the company website or social networking page.

For more information see Google My Business

4. Directory Listing

A strong Google search ensures that your centre gains traction and attracts the required attention. Listing your centre as a child care services establishes the company’s credibility and sets an online presence. Such business directories redirect visitors to your company’s website increasing traffic.

Top 5 directories your centre needs to be listed

  1. Child Care Directory of Australia
  2. My Community Directory‎
  4. The Australian Child Care Index

While some directories offer free services, others require making a nominal payment as service charge. Ensure that in a week, your centre signs up for listing at three places. You can either track the listings on your own or hire an employee dedicated to improving online visibility. Sites like Yelp additionally offer to host real testimonials and customer reviews. You will be presented with a real image that the centre holds in the eyes of the parents.

Most often, it’s the simple tactics that work best in the long run. Set up the above mentioned good practices and stick to them. With time, you’ll notice a significant rise in the number of inquiries which ultimately lead to a spike in enrollment numbers.

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